Why do people avoid sports as they get older?

As seen on the population pyramid, there are 9,063,677 people who are 60 age and older in Turkey. In 50-54 age group, women and men population are equal and when we go upto 80 years old women to men ratio becomes 3:2.
In 2014, there were 115.277 people who were over 90 and %73.78 of this population was women while %26.22 was men. In 2008 these numbers again were %73.86 women and %26.14 men. Therefore, although humankind had a big leap in technology and medicine in between these years, the ratio of women to men didn’t change. This is due to the fact that medicine and technology not being able to find the right method to increase people’s muscle strength which will prevent injuries and diseases.

Today, countries that are seen as pioneers in medicine are still advising people to walk, swim, play golf, tenis, walk 1000 steps…etc to increase physical activities of their citizens. These activities are extra work for a person’s body who already has other daily work to do. If people are having problems doing their daily work due to their muscle strength, these extra activities will overload the body even more. This will lead to exhaustion, injuries and muscle problems. Therefore, people will naturally avoid extra activities to feel less exhausted and have less complications.

This isn’t really about being lazy or not having any sports habit; people with muscle or joint problems won’t be able to increase their activity level because of having the fear of getting injured even worse. As seen on the diagram, any activity above one’s muscle strength is an overload and overload leads to pain and aches and these lead to rest and this goes on like a vicious circle.

E.F.E.E. exercise method breaks this circle by changing the exercises like walking and swimming with isokinetic personalized exercises for specific muscle groups in your body. With such exercises, your body will build up the necessary muscle strength to do your daily activities so you won’t have any muscle aches or pain after the activity and won’t need to rest so frequently.