What is different?

FIT AND HEALTHY LIFE exercise program;

-When performed 3 days a week it increases the muscle strength between %5 and %20 no matter what the age or medical condition of the person doing it is. This result cannot be obtained by any other traditional exercise programs.

-The program is personalized and it calculates every muscle groups’ strength in one’s body

-Injury risk while doing these exercises is %0 and it aims to regain the lost functions of some muscle groups. These lost functions can be gained back by %100 even in 90 year old people.

-It has been implemented in a computer program to reduce the risk of users’ errors to a minimum and provide a standard service anywhere in the world.


-It uses rehabilitation machines to ensure a standard way to exercise without the risk of exerting a lot of pressure on the joint and muscles

-People who are over 50 and have joint problems, chronical illnesses(heart, high blood pressure, depression, asthma..etc) will be able to do these exercises without the risk of injury or pain. These people won’t be able to work out in traditional fitness centers without any complications. It will enable such people to continue with their daily lives as if they don’t have any problems.

-The muscle strength gained during the program doesn’t decay over the years.