Fit and Healthy Life by Semra Ercan programıyla ilgili detaylı bilgi için lütfen aşağıdaki başlıklara göz atınız.


Aging is the loss of frequent physical activity capability due to decrements in one’s muscle strength. With the loss of frequent physical activity capability, inactivity occurs. However, inactivity isn’t the culprit causing muscle strength loss. The loss is caused by daily physical and mental stresses in life that push one’s body to its limits.

Mental and physical stresses put the same kind of pressure on to your muscles. Getting upset or angry at something, working for long hours is equivalent to lifting a 30kg weight from the ground…


Between sunrise and sunset, only energy producing and spending mechanisms work in our body. In contrast, between sunset and sunrise body’s self-repair and renew mechanisms work.

Therefore, between sunrise and sunset, the human body is active, on the move and needs energy intake. We have to get %75 of the total energy we need from the things we eat at this time interval and as you might know, best energy sources are respectively carbohydrates, fat and protein.

After the sunset, the %25 portion of our total energy gains importance. Our bodies use this energy and time to repair and renew itself and the things we most need for this purpose are protein, vitamins and minerals.


Stress and life itself are an inseperable duo since our birth. Although stress is mostly seen as a negative factor, when managed well, it can have positive results in our lives. The important thing is to know how to manage our stress. Fit & Healthy Life program aims to teach people how to manage the stress that they face in their daily lives in a correct way. To make this possible, the program offers workshops and seminars from pyschologists and life coaches that are experts in their respective areas.