Nutrition in Biological Rhythm

Between sunrise and sunset, only energy producing and spending mechanisms work in our body. In contrast, between sunset and sunrise body’s self-repair and renew mechanisms work.

Therefore, between sunrise and sunset, the human body is active, on the move and needs energy intake. We have to get %75 of the total energy we need from the things we eat at this time interval and as you might know, best energy sources are respectively carbohydrates, fat and protein.

After the sunset, the %25 portion of our total energy gains importance. Our bodies use this energy and time to repair and renew itself and the things we most need for this purpose are protein, vitamins and minerals.

We spend approximately 400 calories for a light daily activity, 600 calories for a medium daily activity,

And over 1000 calories for a heavy daily activity. Our organs spend a minimum of 1200 calories up to 2000 calories in women and 3500 calories in men.

If we want to make some basic calculations;

For a light daily activity women need 1200 + 400 = 1600 calories

Men need 2000 + 400 = 2400 calories

If the body gets sufficient calorie intake depending on calculations like the one shown above, it won’t feel the need to store the fat and won’t gain weight.

If the body doesn’t get the sufficient calorie intake, it will store everything in the fat tissue and try to use the energy from that storage. Therefore, you will lose weight due to insufficient energy intake but fat ratio in your body will increase and when things are back to normal again, you will quickly gain weight. This is the biggest mistake made when trying to lose weight.

If the body gets more calorie than needed, the excess fat will be stored in the fat tissue so, again, you will gain weight and increase your fat ratio in your body.



As seen on the nutrition pyramid, if we eat breakfast and lunch lightly and eat a heavy dinner we won’t be able to get %75 of the total energy we need. Also the heavy dinner we eat after the sunset causes us to get more energy than the %25 limit, therefore, increasing the fat ratio in our bodies.

Now, let’s invert the pyramid. Eating a heavy breakfast and lunch accompanied by a light dinner will provide us the right amount of energy we need and prevent our bodies from gaining extra fat.

Breakfast should have carbohydrates like bread and egg while diner should have vegetables, salad, fruit and yoghurt for the minerals and vitamins we need. It is important to eat every food shown in the pyramid at the right time.