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Senior population in 2014

Turkey Statistics Organization(TUIK) has compiled a report about the statistics of people in Turkey who are above 65 years old. According to this report, senior population in 2014 was 6,192,962 and this made up %8 of the Turkish population. Senior population is 43.6 percent men, 56.4 percent women. The projections for 2023 shows that 10.2 percent of the population will be made up of seniors, in 2050 this number goes up to 20.8 and in 2075 it increases up to 27.7 percent.

World population’s %8.3 is made up of seniors who are 65 or older. Countries with the most senior population were Monaco with 29.5, Japan with 25,8 and Germany with 21.1. Turkey was ranked 94th. When compared, Turkey’s senior population is more than other countires like Denmark(5,567,077), Slovakia(5,492,677), Finland(5,268,799), Norway(5,147,792), Ireland(4,832,765) and Bosnia (3,871,643).

Senior Population|2014

65+ Men Population

65+ Women Population

World Health Organization has also compiled a report about this issue and said that chronic diseases could cost the world economy 47 trillion dollars. Most chronic diseases are a result of inactivity and obesity around the world. In order to prevent such a load on world economy, experts recommend a better nutrition system, an increase in physical activity and teaching people how to deal with stress.

In this way, E.F.E.E exercise method can be a solution with its unconventional but effective exercises, long lasting muscle strength improvement and computerized system that can be used globally.