About Exercise

Everything started in 1987 while I was attending the first year of my Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation education.

6 months into my assistantship, I took my first step into international medicine at Europe Rheumatology Convention in Athens. With developments in technology there has been some amazing breakthroughs in medicine in those years. Many new drugs were being presented in a way never seen before. However, looking at all those exiciting presentations, something caught my eye; every presentation ended with saying how important it was to do exercises but there weren’t any information on how to do them.

I came back from the convention to continue with my thesis about osmic acid synoviorthese and begun to conduct clincal researches about methotrexate in rheumatology and immunotherapy applications. I also begun to prescribe exercises to my patients along with the drugs they were taking.

At the beginning, the exercises I prescribed were drawn on a sheet of paper with its explanation.

But I found out that the patients weren’t able to do the exercises correctly just by looking at the explanation and drawing.

I started to send my patients to physiotherapists to learn their assigned exercises better in detail.

However, the patients were still not able to do the exercises correctly and even if they did, they didn’t get the expected results.

So I started to think that the physiotherapists were leading patients in a wrong way. I tried to teach the exercises to my patients one by one.

After a couple of months, patients who had a decrease in their joint inflammations and other physical problems with the help of local injections, exercise and drug treatments came back with the same complaints although I was the one who taught them how to do the exercises.

That day I decided that the patients, physiotherapists or I didn’t make any mistakes; known exercise methods simply weren’t enough to build the necessary muscle strength. Then I came up with the idea that since everything in our body has a chemical, physical or mathmatical formula, there has to be a formula to strengthen the muscle structure in our body as well.

I started to work towards finding this formula with the help of my assistant friends who accepted to try the exercises I assigned. Internet was not a common thing those days, so I had to do a lot of research from books and tried many different exercises as possible. Since I have worked at a military hospital, I have also studied soldiers who had injuries due to intensive training and the methods that military used to rehabilitate them.

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When I went on the work at International Hospital, I started to assign isokinetic and pool exercises to my patients. While was on the brink of getting some positive results, my department was shut down due to insufficient capacity and the need for other medical quarters in the hospital.

After some time I started to work in the fitness center of Istanbul Stock Market Exchange which had the most up-to-date isokinetic and cardio exercise machines. I had the chance to observe people who worked under a lot of stress to try my exercises. Between the years 1994 and 1998, I have collected lots of data from the people who did the exercises I assigned.

After I left my job in 1998, I became the medical consultant for Turkey’s best fitness club at the time, Planet Health Club. This was the place I saw that people got injured working with very heavy weights and didn’t do any streching before or after the exercises. Neither the person doing the exercise or the instructor wanted to do any streching. So in order to prevent injuries we started to do Pilates exercises for the first time in Turkey. However Pilates exercises were also not enough to decrease the number of injuries due to the wrong application of the exercises.

In 2005, I opened up my own clinic to apply my own exercise method that I have been working on since 1987. For 4 years, I have observed the results of the method I designed. The data showed that the method I instructed to my patients had increased their work capability between 5-10 percent in a month. No matter what the patient’s age was, these results didn’t vary. In May of 2009, my work was certified by the Austrian patent research committee as “one of a kind exercise in the world” with such results so far. It got “AAA” grade from the same committee and due to this, Turkish Patent Institute patented it under my name.

Today the method I found is able to increase the muscle strength of people and decrease their future and present chronical complications no matter what age they are. They are able to continue their lives without the pain or aches from their complications.